Terms and conditions

Prior to your initial visit, we ask that you reply to our booking confirmation email with important questions regarding your cleaning visit. To enter your home, you may leave us a code, instructions about a hidden key, or be home. If the cleaner is not able to enter your home, we will contact you promptly. If we are not able to reach you or are not able to enter the home for any reason our Lock out Fee of $65 will be applied.


Payment for the service is due upon completion of your cleaning visit. All clients must provide a credit card on file. A hold of the service fee will be placed on the card, and you will be charged immediately after service.

Arrival Time

Due to the unpredictable nature of our industry, we cannot guarantee our exact time of arrival. We require flexibility to arrive within 1 hour of the time booked. If for any reason, we are unable to arrive within the time frame we will call or email you at our earliest convenience.


We are unable to service homes when the Bermuda Government has advised us to stay home due to weather conditions. We reserve the right to reschedule your cleaning visit subject to our availability. We will notify you by 9:30 am to reschedule your visit.

Team assignments

Our goal is to have the same team clean your home however this may change due to booked time off, illness etc. You can expect to have consistent quality service on every visit.


Tipping is neither expected nor required, but always appreciated. Should you choose to leave a cash tip, we ask that you please leave a note stating “TIP” so that our cleaning team is aware they are permitted to take this money. You can also choose to leave a tip when you pay online via the payment link in your invoice. 100% of the tips are attributed to the team who completed your cleaning visit.


All communication must be kept between you the client and Labor Ready Bermuda office. We ask that you do not contact your cleaner directly. This is simply to provide seamless operations and maintain privacy.
The client may not solicit employment from any Labor Ready Bermuda employee. We work hard to bring our technicians up to our standard. A $3000 fee will be charged.


The “quoted” prices assume average sized rooms in average condition. Extra hours needed to clean will be priced with an additional $65 per hour.” If when we arrive, and cleaning conditions are not what we expected we will inform you of the additional cost and you may decide if you wish to continue.
We reserve the right to raise our rates at any time. You will be given advance notice of any price increase.

Damaged Items

Our cleaning team is required to inform us immediately of any damage that may have happened. We will then contact you at our earliest convenience. Please inform us of damage to your property that occurred within 48hrs of your visit. Emails with the following should be sent to admin@laborreadybermuda.com
What item was damaged?
What is the fair market value of the damaged item?
Photos showing the damage to the item?
Labor Ready Bermuda will not be held liable for items broken or damaged due to product wear and tear, nor damage to or caused by fixtures that are not properly secured. We will not be held liable for products or equipment requested to be used.

Health and Safety

Our teams are not required to move or lift heavy items unless they can be moved easily with two hands. Appliances that need moving such as fridges and stoves must be pre-arranged, and a fee will apply. Please note that while we make every effort to be careful, we will not be held liable for scratches or damage to the floors.
We have the right to refuse to clean up any animal or human feces, bodily fluids (vomit, urine, soiled clothing) or any other hazardous materials. If the cleaner feels unsafe for any reason, we have the full right to leave the home immediately. We will inform you and determine if we will return.
We do not clean homes with rodent activity or pest/insect infestations. If we send a team to your home and they discover evidence of such, we will immediately extract the team and a Lock out Fee will be charged.

Quality Control

We want you to be happy with our work. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning. Please inform us by email or phone supported by photos of any dissatisfaction within 24hrs of your visit. Our 100% guarantee means we will return to fix the cleaning task that was not completed or that was missed. The time and date will be in accordance with our availability within 5 business days of your visit. If we do not have availability, we will offer a discount at our discretion. We do not offer refunds for services rendered.

Holidays and Weekends

Labor Ready Bermuda is closed on public holidays. Special arrangements may be made in advance to clean on the holiday, please contact our office. If you require a cleaning on a weekend a call out fee of $100 in addition to the service fee is applied.

Cancellation and rescheduling

If you need to cancel your cleaning visit for any reason, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice from the visit time. Less than 24 hours’ notice is considered a Late Cancellation and will be charged a Late Cancellation Fee of 50% of your cleaning visit total before any discounts. Rescheduling will be subject to availability. If you contact us to reschedule with less than 24hrs from your scheduled visit, the late cancellation fee will be applied.